August 23, 2021

How to Move Sustainably

Moving is inherently wasteful. You are getting rid of a lot of things and using gas and energy to ship it wherever you are going. But, there are a few eco-conscious things my mom and I did while moving cross-country that relieved a little stress on the environment. 

 1. Don’t throw it away! Donate it!

Donate as much as you can! This not only reduces your waste, but also helps low – income people and families! This is a win-win for people and the environment, so I encourage you to find the nearest Goodwill or other donation center and donate as much as possible.  

2. Use energy-saving transportation methods!

Everyone has a different situation, so the type of transportation you use for your move is going to be different as well. But, usually if you need to ship boxes, choosing an option that uses the least amount of gas and emits the least is going to be the best option. 

3. Pack reusables for the trip!

If you have to spend some nights at hotels, pack your own reusables for those nights. I packed reusable water bottles, straws, plates and more! 

4. Use big boxes, not a lot of small ones

This is pretty self explanatory, but using less boxes helps reduce the waste of cardboard you use. 

5. Keep things you would buy again

This one is a little confusing from the title, but essentially, if you would have to buy an item again where you are moving, just keep the item! Pretty simple, it saves money and reduces what you consume when you get to the new place. This helps the environment by reducing the amount of new products you are buying. 

Are you moving soon? Wondering if there is any way to put less stress on the environment? Here’s some quick tips! 


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