July 27, 2020

How to Shop sustainably 


1. Use What You Have

The first step is to use what you have. You can do this by thinking about whether you really need this item you’re planning to buy. Can you use something you already own? A lot of resources are saved when you don’t buy something. 

2. Borrow

There are so many things that we mostly use once or twice in our lives. I like to call these items a just-in-case item because whenever I ask myself why I want a certain thing I know I won’t use a lot, the answer is always ‘just in case ___’. Less resources need to be used if we would all share a bit more. You can just borrow it from a family member or neighbor. 

3. Swap

You can swap just about anything! If someone else owns something you need and you have something they need, why not swap? If that one thing you own does not make you happy anymore and you need something else, why hold onto it? If you both get value out of that, do it! No resources are wasted this way since nobody gets rid of things, but there are also no new resources needed for production. Win-Win!

4. Thrift

Can’t use what you have, borrow or swap something? Try thrifting. Its secondhand, so its still a sustainable purchase! I’ve experienced that anything can be bought secondhand, you just have to look more carefully than most of us are used to. When you buy secondhand no new resources are needed since the thing you buy is basically someone else’s trash (which is already produced). 

5. Make

Buying sustainably is not just buying all the latest eco-friendly things. It’s about using what you have to create less waste. 

Thrift shops are changing all the time, they might have different stuff next time you’re visiting. But what happens when you just can’t find something secondhand? Be creative and make something! You need to be a little creative here, but that might be fun!


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