June 17, 2020


How meditation helps make a positive impact


It is much easier to be able to make a positive impact on the people around you if you are truly happy on the inside. For me, the more I meditated, the more confidence I had to put myself out there. Recently, I have had the time to reflect on how meditating helped me and I felt this could really help other people. Whenever I was feeling down or I could’t let go of something bad that happened in the day, meditating helped make myself feel truly happy. This is especially important in the quarantine because we have no choice but to sit at home and reflect on ourselves. Meditating allows us to spin that reflection in a positive light instead of criticizing ourselves in a negative way.

At first, I had a hard time taking it seriously and kept laughing at the words they said. I know that when you start it can seem really stupid, but once you get past that feeling it can help in so many ways. For me, not only has it helped me accept myself, but also to connect and to be able to understand myself on a deeper level.

I feel like mediation is a way you can help yourself and be your own therapist. Not all meditation asks to let go of thoughts, some provoke positive thoughts and open your mind to new possibilities. Both ways are helpful in different ways, and I have found myself liking both types. I have three apps on my phone that I like because they have a lot of free meditations and a wide variety of purposes like acceptance, gratitude, or going to sleep. My mom and I also really like their inspirational and calming music that you can use while you are meditating or working.

Meditation can help you become a role model and create positive change because you are able to have deep thoughts and love yourself.

In order to make a lasting positive change, I think you have to have a good connection to yourself first. That’s why I tried meditating.


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