June 17, 2020


How Does COVID-19 Affect Our Earth?

The Corona Virus has shook up lives worldwide. But, has it disrupted the environment too?


If there is even the slightest bit of good news when it comes to the situation we are in now, it would be that pollution has decreased a lot. With most of the world in self-isolation, and less cars on the road the air has been getting cleaner. Over time, this would allow animals to return to natural habitat and the air to become clearer, but because of the fact that this is temporary the positive impacts will not last long either. To make a noticeable impact on the atmosphere, this lockdown would have to be sustained for at least a year and I think we all are hoping that the lockdown ends soon.

There has been evidence showing that if you live in an area with lots of pollution that it can make your corona virus case worse if you contracted it. So, it is good that not a lot of people are using cars and other forms of fossil fuel use right now. However, the usage of single-use plastics has gone up a lot. We are using a lot of plastic grocery bags, and buying eco-friendly products is no longer a priority when people are fighting over toilet paper in the aisles.

Recently, I have realized all I can do is to raise awareness and call for other people who care to use this epidemic to introduce more healthy ways of living as a society. Prioritize your health, value our resources, and take big steps to a cleaner and more sustainable way of living. As Jane Goodall once said, “Only if we can understand, can we care. Only if we care, can we help. Only if we help, we shall be saved.”


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