June 17, 2020

Hope during a pandemic

In this scary time in everyone’s lives, we need to be able to have hope that this will cause a better way of living and a more grateful society.


This epidemic has disrupted the lives of so many people. So many people have lost their livelihood. People have lost relationships, their motivation, and the feeling that they know what to expect during the day. It is valid to feel like you want to get back to the ‘normal’ and ‘how life used to be’. It is okay to feel bad about this situation and how it affects your life. I am hopeful that through this we can feel less like we are stuck in our houses and more like we are alone together.

Therefore, out of a tragic time of loss like this, I hope it can be remembered as when the world stopped and smelled the flowers. We all were forced to take time to appreciate the small things, and we all had time to let our creativity be released. How families found creative ways to keep in touch, some talking more than they did before just because they have the time now.

In the future, I hope we look back on this time as a turning point. Where humanity as a whole started to prioritize health and reducing air pollution to make our earth a better, and cleaner place. Where people started to take down their walls that say ‘us’ versus ‘them’ and earth becomes a more accepting and loving place overall. A place that cares about true happiness, health, and empathy more than greed, selfishness, and discrimination.



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