March 22, 2021

6 ways to be an activist

Martha Watkins

Social media

Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and is a powerful tool for activists. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube… whatever your social media platform of choice, there are tons of connections to be made with individuals and organizations that share the same values and goals as you do. 

Carrie arper

Attend events

Connect with like minded people and attend events like fundraisers or protests. You can even share that on social media as well to inspire others to follow you!

Step 1: Make a Sign! (Thats all you need!)

Martha Watkins

educate others

Educating people is a huge part of activism. You can do this by first educating yourself, then use any opportunity you can to speak to others live or online about the thing you are passionate about. 

Carrie Harper

advocate for legislation

Stay updated on pending bills that affect your area and advocate for legislation by sending emails to your political representatives, and encouraging others to do the same! 

Martha Watkins


Gather a group of dedicated individuals to fundraise money both online and in person! There are so many creative ways to do this but you can start with a GoFundMe, or contact businesses to see if you would be allowed to fundraise outside the establishment. (I have done this outside Starbucks and Ace Hardware)

Carrie Harper

get the press involved

Bringing publicity to an issue amplifies the message, gets more people concerned and potentially has a greater impact. Try to write a press release, do an interview, or write an op-ed in their local paper or invite a reporter to see what they are doing and write something about it. This sharpens your message and serves to bring that message to a larger group of people.


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