January 25, 2021

4 Ways living sustainably can make you happier

1. Discover Meaning

It’s this sense of being a part of something bigger than ourselves that is so powerful! Living sustainably includes learning about what is happening on our earth and that can sometimes be depressing. But knowing that you have been making an impact, even just individually, can make such a huge impact on how you feel hope for the future. I always feel warm and fuzzy when I realize that something that was recommended as a call to action on TV or in a book is something that I am already doing. 

2. Connection To Nature

We know, intuitively, that time in nature makes us feel uplifted. And, if you try and live sustainably, you’re likely to get more involved with the world outside of four walls and screens: whether that’s growing herbs or going for a walk, rather than shopping or scrolling through Instagram. 

3. Eating Better

Your health and happiness are linked. Good news is, sustainable food often translates to healthier food, like locally-grown ingredients that don’t leak out nutrients through time spent in transit. Whoohoo!!!

4. A Sense Of Security In Preserving Our Environment 

Those who try to live greener lives also enjoy the sense of well-being that comes with the knowledge that you are working for the benefit of the earth. The planet is our home and sustains us, and protecting it not only gives us pleasure, it gives us security.

Did you know that living/being sustainable can improve your quality of life? 



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