August 13, 2020

4 tips to help shorten your shower

One way to live a more eco friendly or eco positive lifestyle is to shorten the amount of time you spend in your shower. Spending even 5 minutes less in the shower can save 25 gallons of water. Taking short showers not only helps the environment but can also save you money as well!


Shower somewhere else

For all those people who go to the gym frequently, try showering at the sports facility you workout in! Since you are not in the comfort of your home, your shower will most likely be lot shorter than normal. 


Try a water saving shower head

In elementary school one day we had a presenter who gave us all shower heads that turn off after 5 minutes. None of us were really excited about that because we all took showers for a half an hour sometimes. 5 minutes seemed impossible. But, now I realize how cool this actually was and how much it can help the environment. 


Try a shower timer

You can get shower timers anywhere if you look hard enough. This is a great way to have a sense of how much time you have left to shower, and unlike the previous example you can choose to go a little longer if needed. 


Take a cold shower

Maybe you know this phenomenon: you turn up the water temperature while you’re under the shower, but after a while it feels cold again. You turn it up, and up and up. Yet, this works the other way around too. When you switch the water just a tiny bit colder every once in a while you get used to the colder water. In the very end the water will eventually get too cold and you’ll get out of the shower. Win-win!



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