June 27, 2020

How dream green came to be


Dream Green now is a podcast on Spotify and Podbean, and soon it will be on even more listening platforms! This is so cool and I thought I would tell you about how I created Dream Green, as well as some of my goals for the future. 

I thought of the idea for a podcast when in the car with my dad. We were talking about how I really want to have an outlet to share my voice and talk about the environment. My dad then suggested some podcasts he listens to frequently, and the idea popped in my head. A podcast! That would be a great way to have creative freedom and have a platform to share all the things I know about the environment!

I talked to my mom about it, and then she suggested a blog! I then spent the next few months coming up with the resources I would need and ideas for posts and episodes. 

While in the process of creating this, I knew I needed a good microphone and editing system. I learned how to use Audacity really well, and asked my school if they had any materials for a podcast I could borrow. Turns out, they did! A group of seniors that had just graduated wanted to start a podcast, and I knew this was something I needed to start. So, the school gave me a laptop and microphone for the school podcast and they also served as resources for Dream Green. 

Before I knew it I was researching hours a day, learning the world of blogging and podcasting as well as researching for my episodes! Looking back, I wish I did less planning and just started! Learn as you go! But, now I have two amazing places to share ideas, knowledge, and experiences! This is truly incredible! 

For the future, I hope to be able to expand Dream Green and do more projects to spread awareness. I hope to release some books (wink wink), and start interviewing people on the podcast sometimes. Maybe I can even do some video work in the future! 

I want to say thank you to all my readers and listeners for taking the time to see what I’m doing! I really do appreciate it so much. 


Dream Green now has a podcast! Learn how I thought of the idea to make a blog and podcast and how I made it a reality! Enjoy!



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