April 18, 2022

10 Things to do for earth day 2022

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I usually see a lot of simple ideas for earth day, so here are 10 unique and worthwhile ideas on what to do this earth day! 

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Make a Compost Pile

Help reduce your food waste and add nutrients to soil by creating a compost pile!


Start a Community Garden

Recruit some friends and start a community garden! Invite local schools to help out too!


Organize a Litter Pickup

Whether its a beach cleanup or local forest trash cleanup, use social media to find some people in your community who might be able to help!


Throw an Earth Day Party

Invite some people over and celebrate earth day with sustainable items! Ask guests to donate items, money, or time to a local environmental organization!


Visit a Farmer’s Market

Support local farmers and crafters! Visit a local farmers market! 


Make a Bird Feeder

Find a DIY bird feeder tutorial and feed some birds!


Create Art from Recycled Materials

If you are looking for a cool hobby, try making art out of recycled materials!


Create a Rain Barrel 

What better day than earth day to create a rain barrel! 


Plant a Flower Bed

Plant some flowers in a raised bed! It’s a great way to start gardening!


DIY some Reusable Bags

Have a couple boring, plain reusable bags? Earth Day is the PERFECT day to make them cuter!


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